AntraštėEverything You Need to Know About Shoe Sizes - Guide for Large Feet

Do you have large feet and struggle to find shoes in your size? Our guide covers everything you need to know about shoe sizes, from how they're measured to where to find shoes in large sizes. Learn the tricks to finding perfect shoes no matter your size!

The Challenge of Finding Large Shoe Sizes

At Grand Shoes, we know from personal experience how frustrating it can be to have large feet and search for stylish, comfortable shoes. The selection is often limited, and it can feel like the fashion world has forgotten about those of us with sizes 46 and up. But don't worry - there is hope! With the right knowledge and a little patience, you can find shoes that fit perfectly, regardless of size.

I remember what it was like before I started Grand Shoes. Walking into a regular shoe store was often a shot in the dark. The few times they had my size, the styles were outdated and the fit was subpar. I felt overlooked and misunderstood. But it doesn't have to be that way. All feet deserve great shoes!

Shoe Sizes - How Do They Actually Work?

First and foremost, it's important to understand how shoe sizes work. The sizes are based on the length of your foot in centimeters, but there are some variations between different countries and brands. In Sweden, we use the European system, where an increase of one size corresponds to about 6.6 mm in length.

But length isn't everything - width also matters. Many people with large feet also have wide feet, which can make it extra tricky to find shoes that fit well. Unfortunately, the selection of shoes in different widths is often limited, especially in larger sizes. A tip is to choose shoes with adjustable width, like laces or Velcro straps.

The Tricks to Finding Shoes in Large Sizes

So how do you find your dream shoes when you have large feet? Here are some of my best tips:

  • Measure your feet carefully and find out your exact size. Stand up and measure both feet, as they often differ slightly. Use the measurements for both length and width.
  • Shop at specialty stores or online retailers that focus on large sizes. That's where you'll have the best chance of finding a good selection and knowledgeable staff who can help you.
  • Be open to different brands and styles. Your favorite might not be available in your size, but there are often great alternatives if you look around a bit. Dare to try something new!
  • Use filters and search functions when shopping online. Many sites let you filter by size and even width, which makes searching much easier.
  • Plan ahead. Large sizes often sell out first, so don't wait until the last minute for shoe shopping before special occasions.

Common Questions About Large Shoe Sizes

How do I know if a shoe fits well?

A shoe that fits well should sit snugly around the heel and support the arch of the foot, without pinching or rubbing anywhere. The toes should be able to move a little, and there should be about a thumb's width of space in front of the longest toe. Always try on shoes late in the day when your feet are at their largest.

Can I find trendy shoes in my size?

Yes, more and more brands and stores have started investing in larger sizes in recent years. Many specialty stores for large shoes follow the latest trends and collaborate with designers to create stylish, fashionable styles even in large sizes.

Is it okay to wear different sizes for different brands?

Yes, it's completely normal! Shoe sizes are not fully standardized, so the fit can vary between different brands and styles. For example, many people wear a larger size in running shoes than in everyday shoes. Always go by how the shoe feels on your foot, rather than the number.

Find Your Dream Shoes at Grand Shoes

At Grand Shoes, we're passionate about everyone being able to find stylish, comfortable shoes that fit perfectly, regardless of size. In our online store, you'll find a wide selection of quality shoes in sizes 46 to 55, with styles for all occasions. Our knowledgeable customer service is happy to help you find your dream shoes!

So don't let large feet stop you from expressing your style. With the right knowledge and a little patience, there are plenty of great shoes out there waiting for you. Large feet deserve to take big, bold steps out into the world!