AntraštėFind the Best Shoelaces for Boots in Large Sizes

Finding shoelaces that fit perfectly for boots in large sizes can be a challenge. We guide you to the best options and provide tips on how to lace them for optimal comfort and durability.

Why the Right Shoelaces are Important for Large Boots

For those of us with large feet, it's extra important to find shoelaces that are long enough and durable for our boots. Nothing is more frustrating than when the laces are too short or break after just a few uses. But don't worry, there are solutions!

The right shoelaces can make a big difference in the comfort and fit of your boots. They help keep your foot in place and distribute pressure evenly. With high-quality laces, you also don't have to replace them as often.

Length and Material - The Key to Perfect Shoelaces

When choosing shoelaces for your large boots, there are two factors that are particularly important to consider: length and material.

The length of the laces needs to be sufficient to tie them properly without being too tight or too loose. As a rule of thumb, I usually recommend adding about 30-40 cm extra length compared to standard laces. This gives you some margin to achieve a comfortable lacing.

When it comes to material, it's good to invest in laces that are durable and hold their shape. Some options I like are:

  • Waxed cotton laces - A classic choice that is durable and holds its shape well. The wax makes them extra resistant to moisture.
  • Polyester laces - Synthetic material that is very durable and quick-drying. Perfect if you use your boots a lot outdoors.
  • Kevlar laces - Extremely durable laces that really last a long time. Good choice for tough use.

Lacing Tips for Optimal Comfort and Durability

How you lace your boots can also affect comfort and durability. Here are some tips I've found work well for large boots:

  1. Use a strong double knot so the laces stay secure and don't come loose.
  2. Distribute pressure by not pulling too tightly over the instep. Focus on achieving an even, comfortable feel.
  3. If you often get pain at certain points, try skipping a hole in the lacing there to relieve pressure.
  4. Replace the laces in time before they become too worn. This way they hold their shape better and you avoid sudden breaks.

Our Top Picks for Shoelaces for Large Boots

We've tested lots of different shoelaces to find the ones that work best for large boots. Here are our favorites:

1. [[Brand]] Extra Long Waxed Cotton Laces

These laces are a full 200 cm long, providing plenty of room for comfortable lacing even on really large boots. The waxed cotton material is durable and holds its shape well. Available in several different colors.

2. [[Brand]] Durable Polyester Laces

Polyester laces that are incredibly durable and can withstand tough use. They are also water-resistant and dry quickly. The 180 cm length is perfect for larger boots. Comes in a wide range of colors.

3. [[Brand]] Kevlar Reinforced Laces

For those who really need durable laces, these reinforced with kevlar are an excellent choice. They have impressive durability and basically never break. The 190 cm length provides flexibility in lacing. Available in black and brown.

Find Your New Favorite Laces at Grand Shoes

No matter what type of shoelaces you prefer for your large boots, we have options to suit you. Explore our range and discover laces that make your shoes both more comfortable and stylish. With the right laces on your feet, you're ready for new adventures in your big shoes!