About us


Grand Shoes are the result of having size 49 and an unhealthy interest in stylish shoes. After years of chasing models that I was interested in throughout the 90's, Grand Shoes finally turned from the dream I had into reality in 2007.

To date, we have shipped to 29 different countries around the world.

Our ambition is to continue to collect and offer more selection than any other shoe company in sizes 47-52 that matches your style and your expectations. We know that size 48 from brand X can be the same fit as size 50 in brand Y and that size 47 in brand Z is as big as brand Y as well. We therefore measure all shoes. You look at the measurements according to the size number of each shoe.


Ps. The store in Stockholm / Västertorp has ceased.

But of course Grand Shoes have not done that! We are here online. Same shoes, same we, same grandshoes.se since 2007. Ds.