HlavičkaLeather Shoes for Big Feet - Everything You Need to Know

Leather shoes are a classic choice for any occasion, but finding stylish and comfortable leather shoes in large sizes can be a challenge. Here we go through everything you need to know to find the perfect leather shoes for your big feet.

Why Leather Shoes are a Great Choice for Big Feet

Leather shoes are not only stylish and timeless, they also have several properties that make them particularly suitable for those of us with big feet:

  • Leather is a moldable material that adapts to the foot, providing a comfortable fit even in large sizes.
  • Leather shoes are durable and withstand wear better than many other materials, which is important when the shoe needs to support a heavier foot.
  • Leather breathes and allows the foot to "breathe", reducing the risk of sweat and odor - something that can be extra troublesome with big feet.

As someone with size 49 feet, I have personally experienced the benefits of leather shoes. They hold their shape better and are more comfortable to walk in than, for example, fabric shoes or shoes made of synthetic materials. With proper care, a pair of leather shoes can last for many years, even for those of us who wear out shoes quickly.

Things to Consider When Choosing Leather Shoes in Large Sizes

Although leather shoes are generally a good choice for big feet, there are certain things to keep in mind when looking for the perfect pair:

Choose the Right Last

The last is the shape that the shoe is built around and determines how the shoe will fit your foot. For those of us with big feet, it's extra important to choose a last that is spacious enough, especially over the toes and instep. Avoid narrow, pointed lasts and opt for rounder shapes instead.

Check the Insole

A good insole provides support and comfort. Make sure the insole is thick enough to provide shock absorption, preferably with extra padding under the heel and forefoot. A removable insole is a plus, as you can replace it with your own inserts if needed.

Consider the Details

Small details can make a big difference in fit. Lacing allows you to adjust the width over the instep. A padded collar protects against chafing. Reinforced heel counter provides stability. Rubber heel tab reduces the risk of slipping. Look for these details when choosing leather shoes.

Care Tips for Leather Shoes

With proper care, your leather shoes will last longer and look better. Here are my best tips:

  • Waterproof the shoes before using them for the first time and then regularly, especially before fall and winter.
  • Use shoe trees when not wearing the shoes, it helps them maintain their shape.
  • Polish the shoes regularly with leather conditioner to preserve softness and prevent cracking.
  • Let the shoes rest and dry between uses, preferably on shoe trees that absorb moisture.
  • Do not store shoes in plastic bags, as the leather cannot breathe.

I know from personal experience that it can feel overwhelming to care for leather shoes, especially if you have many pairs. But I promise it's worth the effort! With proper care, your leather shoes will become a reliable companion that lasts season after season.

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Leather shoes are an excellent choice for those of us with big feet thanks to the material's properties and durability. By choosing the right last, insole, and details, as well as taking good care of the shoes, you can enjoy stylish, comfortable leather shoes for many years to come.

So don't let size hinder your style - explore our selection of leather shoes and experience the difference of shoes made for big feet. Your perfect fit awaits you!