HlavičkaFall Shoes for Men in Large Sizes - Find Your Perfect Style

Looking for stylish and comfortable fall shoes in large sizes? Here we guide you to the season's best styles for men, with extra focus on fit and quality for larger feet. Discover our expert tips to find shoes that last all autumn!

Find Fall Shoes That Fit Your Large Feet

Fall is here and it's time to update your shoe wardrobe. But for those of us with larger feet, it can sometimes feel challenging to find stylish and comfortable shoes in the right size. I know exactly how it is, after years of searching for shoes in my size 49. But don't worry - with the right knowledge and a little patience, it's possible to find really great fall shoes even for those of us with big feet! Here I share my best tips.

Choose the Right Materials for Fall Weather

During fall, the weather can quickly shift from sunny to rainy. That's why it's important to choose shoes in materials that can handle a bit of moisture and cold. Some good options for fall shoes are:

  • Leather - durable, moldable, and breathable
  • Suede - soft, supple, and stylish
  • Gore-tex - waterproof and breathable membrane
  • Rubber - withstands moisture and dirt, perfect for rainy days

Avoid thin fabrics like canvas or mesh, as they easily get wet and cold. Instead, invest in sturdy materials that protect your feet. I always make sure to have at least one pair of leather shoes and one pair of gore-tex shoes ready for fall.

Consider the Fit - Extra Important for Large Feet

When you have large feet, a good fit is extra important, as incorrect shoes can quickly lead to blisters, tired feet, and other problems. Make sure to try the shoes on properly and walk around in them for a while in the store. Some things to consider:

  • Length - ensure there's a couple centimeters of extra space in the toe
  • Width - choose a last that fits the shape of your foot, neither too narrow nor too wide
  • Support - a sturdy midfoot provides good support and reduces the risk of uneven wear
  • Comfort - soft, pliable materials reduce chafing

Many larger shoe brands now have special models for those of us with slightly wider and larger feet. I usually keep an eye out for "wide fit", "extra wide" or simply larger sizes. Don't hesitate to ask the staff for advice!

Match the Style with the Rest of Your Fall Wardrobe

Fall is perfect for playing with layers and different textures. Remember to match your fall shoes with the rest of your outfit for a well-thought-out style. Some of my favorites are:

  • Chelsea boots with slim jeans or chinos
  • Oxfords or monks with a suit for dressier occasions
  • Chukka boots or desert boots for a casual everyday look
  • Leather or suede sneakers for a relaxed style

Dare to play with colors too! Fall's warm color palette with burgundy, dark olive and cognac is perfect for shoes. A pair of boots in an exciting color can elevate an entire outfit. I usually go for a neutral base and add a pop of color with the shoes for a trendy look.

Care Tips for Your Fall Shoes

To keep your fall shoes looking great for a long time, it's important to take proper care of them. Here are some simple tips:

  • Waterproof the shoes before first use to protect against moisture and dirt
  • Use shoe care regularly to keep the leather soft and supple
  • Let wet shoes dry at room temperature, never on a radiator
  • Store the shoes on shoe trees between uses to maintain their shape

With proper care, a pair of good fall shoes can last for many seasons. I still have a pair of leather boots that I bought five years ago and they're just as nice today thanks to regular shoe care. A little love for your shoes works wonders!

Find Your Dream Shoes for Fall

Now that you know what to look for, it's time to hunt for the season's best fall shoes! Don't let large shoe sizes stop you - there are plenty of stylish and comfortable options out there. With these tips in mind, I'm sure you'll find a pair of shoes that fit perfectly. And remember, a really great pair of shoes can transform any fall day into something special. So find a pair of favorites and enjoy that wonderful fall feeling with every step! At Grand Shoes, you're guaranteed to find shoes that make you long for crisp walks in the leaves. See you in the autumn drizzle!